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It's been 3 weeks..


It's been 3 weeks..

I'm yet another person having a multitude of problems with this thing. I've tried everything I've seen, and everything I can think of. Originally, we received errors, so I called technical support. It turned out our physical address wasn't even in their system! So they opened a ticket, and a week later, we can activate the m-cell on registration. 


After this, I still have had no success with the thing, and I've tried everything. The "Activation Error" we receive via email (because we have no service here normally) says error 103, and on the site it says ftc193. I've spent hours with tech support since, with many different representatives. The most recent one told me that ftc193 was a router problem, so I completely removed the router from the equation, and it yielded the same result. I'll go ahead and tell you what hardware I have.


Motorola surfboard modem SB5120

Lynksys wrt54g wireless router v6 (although I recently installed custom firmware dd wrt for more options)


One of the representatives mentioned some incompatibilities with this modem, so that might be why priority mode doesn't work. 


The basic firmware for the wrt54g didn't work, and I saw people mentioning setting a static dhcp ip to the microcell. I installed the custom firmware because the native firmware does not support this. Anyway, I assigned it a static ip, and I set up port forwarding on the recommended ports. 4500, 500, 123, and 443, with the appropriate protocols. This didn't work. I then set the ip on dmz, this didn't work. I also set MTU to 1492, and ipsec is enabled. I'm running out of options, other than trying alternate routers and modems (I actually probably will try this at a friend's house near me, I think the range for the gps is 5000 feet or something like that). 


In addition to having to manually add my address to their system, the street name is wrong for the street I live on on AT&T's map. I don't know if this affects anything or not. I have contacted a resource I read that supplies map info to AT&T and submitted a request to amend this. Interestingly, Google maps had the same info, so I contacted them as well. I don't know if it makes any difference, but at the very least, this will make me happy. 


This is getting kind of long, but this might be worth mentioning. I read somewhere also where the author tried to analyze how the microcell was talking to at&t. He didn't mention how he did this. Anyway, though I don't know exactly what, I think he said the microcell did something with https, other things, and set up a secure vpn tunnel. I don't know if this is a correct way, but I used wireshark to try to do the same thing. The only things that came up from the ip I assigned to the microcell was IGMP, only twice. Once again, this may not be the way to analyze what is happening, but if it is, then it seems to me the microcell isn't doing it's job, or something is in the way, so to speak. 


The 30 days since I received the microcell haven't expired yet, and I plan on exchanging it if a solution isn't found up to that point. 


I usually try to solve problems by reading other solutions and going from there, but I'm sick of trying on my own. I don't like to post on forums for this kind of thing, because I usually make myself look stupid Smiley Tongue


I really hope someone can help me with this, as customer service has failed. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

Regarding the E-911 address discrepancy, you may have to report this to your County.  Most State County websites offer contact information for their E-911 Addressing department, where you can file such reports.


I hope this information proves useful. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

I've done traffic analysis with the microcell. I did this by configuring a Unix box with two Ethernet interfaces as a bridge and watching the traffic.

The microcell gets a DHCP lease, then does an https transaction, does a bunch of NTP, then opens an IPSEC tunnel over UDP, which, of course, is totally opaque.
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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

No one else has any ideas at all? We use magicjack for a phone line, and they don't recognize our address, therefore we know the other numbers for support instead of 911. I'm thinking of getting them to disable the need for gps (I think I read that this is possible) just because nothing else seems to work. I also tried this on my friends network last night, but I couldn't get into settings because someone changed the router password, and no one would let me disconnect the internet. It still didn't work. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

The best thing you could do is reset everything back to factory settings, put it in priority mode, and the slowly power up each device in order. Sometimes you can know too much.
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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

I'm fairly certain that I tried this. From the beginning, I followed the included instructions to the letter, just because I didn't want to mess it up. I'll give this a shot though. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

This box is a piece of JUNK!


It is going back in 29.5 days.


I need it because the Iphone is junk as well....


My old Nokia phones (5 of them over a ten year period) has poor but useable service in my area....


Mr Jobs took us 10 year backward with the junk tranciever in the Iphone 3GS...and lied about the number of Bars in the 4G.


If I wanted a GPS..I would bring my Garmin in the house.


I need this to work in the basement where I have no cell dice....


AT&T wants me to run an ethrnet cable through my walls so I can put this TOWER of BABBEL in a place where the GPS works.


The folks at the NOT-Z  FCC (there....I fooled your filter) that made the GPS a requirment are are as moronic as they are over paid!


What a crippled box this is!




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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

Last night I talked to a slightly competent tech. He told me that the device had been timing out. The only thing he could do for me was tell me "good luck." Awesome. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

Same problems here. 30 plus days working with tech. support. Read my warning post. I think we need a Class Action Law Suit after what they told me.

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

I'm considering buying a new cable modem. The rep I talked to last night told me that everything appears to be fine on their end, and I'm assuming that gps is hit or miss in terms of "working." Basically, I think the problem is in my hardware, and since priority mode didn't work, I'll blame the modem. 


In addition, I recently noticed that the modem powers down partway through registration, which could lend credibility to the "timing out" theory of why this won't work for me. The modem is also old, though, and this might be why it powers down (it will do this occasionally out of microcell registration). Either way, I need a reliable new one because we rely on voip for home phone calls. 


Does anyone know of a reasonably priced cable modem that can be verified to work? I also plan on exchanging this microcell. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

So I realized that we're leasing our cable modem from comcast, so I called them up. They came out and replaced it with a scientific atlanta dpc2100 modem. And....! It still doesn't work Smiley Sad 


I didn't even look into this new modem.. but meh. I'll try exchanging the microcell unit tomorrow. 

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

I exchanged the microcell today. Still no dice. I'm going to try to install tomato on the router, as I read that has better qos, but I doubt it will help.


Would it be worth it to call comcast to see if they're doing anything on their end? If so, what would I ask them? I mentioned that I needed my modem to work with a femtocell when I called them last to replace the modem, and the guy had no idea what I was talking about.

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

Did you ever get anywhere with this?

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Re: It's been 3 weeks..

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.

Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions”, you can even mark multipleposts in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

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