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Issues with voice dial on ARIA


Issues with voice dial on ARIA

I have a HTC Aria and love it----except the fact that I cant seem to make it voice dial consistently.  I say a name and "mobile" or "home" and it almost always either messes up on the name, or the type of number to call.  I use it on the road alot, and find myself so frustrated with the voice dial, that i just go ahead and break the law and dial manually. 


Any help would be appreciated!!

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Re: Issues with voice dial on ARIA

I have had the same issues with my Aria

An HTC support tech suggested using the search  button (lower right hand side, looks like a magnifying glass).  Press and hold search button for a second and a voice recording screen will appear.  Speak slowly.  I tried "call answering machine" and it started dialing without further buttons or commands.  Still a bit clunky but it seems to work better than anything else I've tried.  I still can't activate the voice command from the earpiece, so it's not really hands free.



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Re: Issues with voice dial on ARIA

Upgraded to firmware 2.2 and still have these problems. Can't find anything at HTC, AT&T or on internet the provides a solution--but lots of people have the problem. I've had this phone for about 6 months and every time I get in the car with it I want to throw it out the window.

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