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Issues with refurbished iphone


Issues with refurbished iphone

I was eligible for an upgrade in July and I purchased a refurbished iphone 3gs. I only paid $10.00 for it, so it was hard to pass up a deal like that, and I have had refurbished phones in the past and have never had any issues, so it only made sense to go ahead and pay the cheaper price.


Well, it worked great for almost a month and then the problems started. When I would be on the phone somtimes the other person could not hear me. Sometimes it would happen, sometimes it would not. So I sent the phone back to apple for a replacement. Well, I only had the replacement phone for 2 weeks when it turned itself off and would not come back on. I did manage to get it to come back one once by restoring it, but then it went off again only 10 minutes later and will not come on again.


Since I have had two phones mess up already, I'm wondering if I call ATT if they would let me purchase a new iphone 3gs for the upgrade price since I have had two refurbished phones mess up on me already and I feel as if I have wasted my upgrade?


Just curious to get some other opinions on this. Do you think they may consider, or am I crazy to ask that?

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Re: Issues with refurbished iphone

You can always ask. No one here can say whether your local ATT office will let you do this or not.
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Re: Issues with refurbished iphone

It is highly unlikely that they will be willing to void your existing contract over a hardware failure.  Most likely, they will simply refer you back to Apple for hardware support.

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Re: Issues with refurbished iphone

From reading your post here, it sounds to me like this purchase was done as an upgrade. This being the case, you will not qualify for a phone discount at this time. Best thing to do since your iPhone is still under warranty is to contact Apple Care and explain the issue to them. They will either issue you another refurb of the same iPhone model or let you take your iPhone into an Apple store and have it swapped out for another refurbished iPhone on the spot.
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