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Issues with auto-sync on Aria ?


Issues with auto-sync on Aria ?


I looked around on multiple Droid forums, and haven't really found anything related to the issue I am seeing, so I am not sure if I am dreaming, or ....

I was trying to cut down on data usage (when roaming), as the Droids seem to be extremely hungry !

1. I had auto-sync still enabled, but disabled News sync'ing, and Stocks sync'ing (ie, the green icon is not there anymore for those two)
   With that, Stocks don't get updated anymore (as expected), and the last sync date is ancient (also as expected).
   However, the News still get updated, and the last sync date is also being updated, based on the scheduled defined (ie 4h or, ...). So even though I unchecked News, it still updates them !!!

   Also, even though I have Weather still checked, the last sync date of the Weather is not being changed. But when I go to the Weather application, it is being updated properly. Only the sync date.

2. I disabled auto-sync all together .... and tada ! ... News is STILL being updated, based on the schedule. The others (Stocks, Weather, ...) are not.

What is wrong with the News ? Has anyone noticed that, or am I doing something wrong ??

Thanks !

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Re: Issues with auto-sync on Aria ?

Even better now ... *sigh* ...


I turned auto-sync OFF, and set the sync frequency of the News to be MANUAL.


Well ... it's still syncing at the previous 4 hours that were set before. I just racked up 1 MB of Roaming Data usage. I can't find a way to make this device stop talking, short of turning the radio off !?!?!?!


Anyone has ever noticed this, or knows how I could potentially fix this ?



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