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Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE


Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issues when connected to EDGE as I have. Those issues are, Complete inability to send text or picture messages and "delays" in dialing numbers. When I say delay I mean that it will either try to connect and drop the call before it starts to ring, or will take ~10 seconds for it to start ringing, once connected everything seems to be fine, hasn't dropped a call on edge. I also understand that using the internet would be slow on EDGE, but barely anything works like it should, even giving it the necessary amount of wait time, which wouldn't be an issue, if it worked. Something I also thought was very strange, the GPS wouldn't lock when I was on edge, waited for a minute with a GPS status app and got nothing.  As for 3G which I'm on 95% of the time everything works great, not one issue yet. But this stuff with EDGE is really odd, so has anyone else encountered this? And i'm sorry if i missed a previous post.

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Re: Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

Mine do too. I have to connect to the Wifi to get them to upload. If ATT is still providing us with good ole EDGE instead of 3G then they should fully support it on all of the phone they sell.

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Re: Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

Yeah...i've pretty much not been able to get anything to send while on Edge. I've received MMS but I can't send at all on Edge.

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Re: Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

OK now I'm mad. After trying to resolve this issue for a few weeks ATT has really pulled one over on me. The last 3 tech support people I talked to were supposed to call me back. None did. I just called today to check on the status of my case only to find out that they closed the case!!! I'm on the phone now explaining my problem for at least the 6th time. ATT has really really dropped the ball. I don't won't an IPHONE!! I'm getting really close to taking this phone back and jumping over to Verizon for the Droid X. Has anybody resolved their MMS over EDGE issues?

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Re: Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

I believe there is nothing you can do (or AT&T can do) but waiting for Samsung to issue a firmware update to resolve this. If you can't wait, return the phone.

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Re: Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

or the obvious answer, /root your phone and install Froyo and give the thumb to Samsung's ROM.

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Re: Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

I have spent many hours on the phone with AT&T and Samsung and had the phone replaced only to be told that I couldn't send picture text messages.  I had reduced the resolution but not the quality.  It worked, thank you so much.  Now if I could only get my other simple issues taken care of I would love the phone.  Among them the battery life stinks.  I don't use it that much but I have to charge it every day and if I do use it I have to charge it twice a day.  This is my second battery and my 3rd phone trying to get everything to work right.

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Re: Issues with Captivate connected to EDGE

I read on forums that the battery life is greatly improved in newer firmware that has been leaked. I am patiently  waiting for Froyo/firmware to solve many of the issues (GPS, battery life, shutdowns, sending pictures on Edge, etc.).


The Fascinate (Verizon) is being released tomorrow. It will be interesting to see the issues they have.

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