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Isolated Lumia 900 Problems

Isolated Lumia 900 Problems

Add this to the list to connection issues and button malfunctions: Got home from the retail store with my brand new 900 in cyan. Unfortunately, the loud speaker isn't working as it should (well, not at all, in fact). I noticed this when I first tried speakerphone. Then, I noticed the problem was more widespread to videos and playing music. Going back in the am for a refund. I'll have to purchase a new one online. I can't stand the $35 restocking fee and I hear online orders are exempt. So hopefully I'll get away with this one. Anyone else having the same problem.?
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Re: Isolated Lumia 900 Problems

OK.  So as I'm randomly trying to figure out how to get the twc tile to update, the sound comes on.  Looks like I'm good now.


And FYI, Nokia is offering a $100 credit for new 900 owners I hear from my ppl hub.  Ha.  FREE LUMIA!

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