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Is there any way to get an upgrade date bumped up?


Is there any way to get an upgrade date bumped up?

Last june i purchased a Motorolla Atrix 4G.  Around January of this year i started having issues with it, so i called an got it exchanged.  That phone has lasted me until a couple of weeks ago when i started having problems with this one.  I called today and am having a 3rd phone shipped out to me.  I am hoping that this phone will last until i am eligible for an upgrade in January, but i am not holding my breath...


I believe my warranty is up sometime in June, and having to go from June to January with the potential for my phone to become unusable, and not being able to replace/get a reasonably priced upgrade for 6 months is somewhat scary to me.

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Re: Is there any way to get an upgrade date bumped up?

Your upgrade date is partly based on your monthly spending.  They do have an early upgrade price that is not as bad as full price.  Check into ATT's insurance or another 3rd party to see if the terms meet your needs.


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