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Is there a way to completely disable Voice Command on HTC devices?

Is there a way to completely disable Voice Command on HTC devices?

I've had an HTC Pure since last Spring and, by and large, I'm really happy with it.  I signed up for the old unlimited data plan only a week or two after ATT ended it, and I use the device for streaming media and other purposes requiring Internet access twenty times as much as I do to actually make calls.   It's fantastic, because now I can listen to German radio stations to keep up my ability in the language as much as I want, without ever worrying about going over my limit.


However, for the past few days I've had this weird problem.  Voice command, which I never use, comes on by itself.  Or as they say in German, "macht sich selbständig".   Then all sorts of weird things happen.  If there are calls in my history, it spontaneously dials the last one--again and again.  (For that reason tend to clear the history out quite often).  If I listen to streamed content, I keep hearing Voice Command in the background, intoning "Please repeat command" or something similar.   If I go to the personal settings screen and turn Voice Command off, it'll stay turned off anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, and then it will turn itself on again.  I've contacted AT&T and they said it couldn't be disabled. 


But I'd really like it gone.  Does anybody know a way to make this happen?

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