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Is my EPIX dead?


Is my EPIX dead?

I recently bought a backup battery for my EPIX which was working just fine, so I could have two.  Ever since I inserted it into my phone to charge it up, the phone has not operated.

I have since ditched the “new” battery and gone back to my old one that was working fine.  But still the phone won't turn on.


When I push the power button, the “Samsung” logo flashes for about 5 seconds and then it shuts down.  Then I can't even get it to do that again, unless I remove and re-insert the battery.

the LED has been doing some funny things.  if I let it sit after a failed attempt to start up, it sometimes flashes purple and red for a few seconds and then it turns blue.  when it's blue, the power button still does nothing. I still ahve to remove the battery to get it to even “try” to turn on.  I can find nothing in the user guide about blue or purple LED status.

I've tried the hard reset (holding down the H key while I turn it on) with the same results.

Is my phone dead?  Is there anything else I can try?

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Re: Is my EPIX dead?

That phone has been plagued with issues. I used to own one. Apart from calling samsung and hoping they could help you, I doubt there is much you can do
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Re: Is my EPIX dead?

If you cannot hard reset the phone, there really is not much you can do. You can try removing the battery and SIM card for a prolonged period of time and try turning the phone back on, but if nothing happens, it sounds pretty close to "dead" to me...


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