Is it even worth my time to go to an att store for this?


Is it even worth my time to go to an att store for this?

Switched from Verizon to ATT yesterday (bad cust service experience with verizon). So I got an iphone 3gs. Love the phone, however 3g speeds when it comes to eveything are much more slower than how they were on Verizon.

Now I get great signal strength, better than i did at verizon, but its just really slow. 


The question is, should I even bother going back to the att store where i got the phone to see if there is something they can do, or should I just accept this as att's actual quality of service.

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Re: Is it even worth my time to go to an att store for this?

Are you actually connecting to the 3G network? or are you connected to the EDGE network?


Depending on the service in your area and how updated the backhaul is, you may be experiencing the optimal speeds for your area.


I generally get 1-2mb connections where I am.  When I visit my mom, I'm lucky to get 1mb.


It is entirely dependant upon the backhaul and the load on the towers.


It is possible that you have a bad SIM, so it's certainly worth exploring.  You could also test your connection with another device.


If it is a hardware issue, you would need to address it with Apple.

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Re: Is it even worth my time to go to an att store for this?

The att 3g coverage map tells me that i have the best possible quality of service. I'm gonna go back to the att store and try the 3gs' that they have on display to see if there is a difference. Unfortunately I'm new with att so i have nothing else to test out.


thanks for the tips.

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Re: Is it even worth my time to go to an att store for this?

I have been with ATT a long time and regretted it very much. Stay away from the stores. They are loud, impersonal, and much like a car dealership ...quick in and out for your money. ATT has farmed out their support to the Manila and we have suffered ever since. I have had to call them several times and it has always been a nightmare. Between language barriers and bad connections, they are simply rude and have hung up on me several times. If they don't like what you are saying or the way your saying it ...they will hang up on you. This is one of the Worst Mistakes ATT has made. And it is all about saving them money. I am switching to TWC.

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