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Is a screen protector a good idea?


Is a screen protector a good idea?

Anyone have a recommedation about screen protector vs. no screen protector?  I'm wondering if the scratch factor is something worth worrying about and also if a screen protector makes the screen less sensitive?

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Re: Is a screen protector a good idea?

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Re: Is a screen protector a good idea?

tkhan0223 wrote:

If u get a protecter make sure u get a good brand. I got the 3 pack from att. they are casemate and are pretty bad. In my stint with the iphone the only one that i really thought was great was the power support one. I had it for my 3g. Its almost as if it isnt there in terms of feel and look. But the protection from it is great.

Absolutely. We bought some at the Apple store that lasted pretty good. Don;t waste t=your money buying any online at some of these sites that have them cheap. I won't name any sites, just remember, you get what you pay for.
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