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Iphone Order delivery problem


Iphone Order delivery problem

I upgraded two lines to Iphone 4s on Oct 16th and after 3 weeks of waiting, At&t confirmed that we have shipped your orders, but on the due date I didn’t receive one order. Apparently the At&T rep forgot to put the Apt # for one of my orders and although I placed them both together, at the same time and with a same genius rep, he made this mistake which looks simple (but wait…..). At first, I was expecting to call Fedex and give them the Apt # to wait for their 2nd deliver attempt (while I had the door tag they left at my place), but they told me the shipper (At&t) has to provide such a change not the receiver. So I called At&t and explained the situation. The weird thing is that they couldn’t understand the problem and after couple of call drops and long wait times (it took me the whole day), I was able to talk to a reasonable rep and explained the situation. Finally, he realized that it’s against the At&T valuable policy to update the address without receiving the package. In other words, they expect FedEx to ship the Iphone back to them and then they do the address change and place a new order!!!!!!!!!!. On the other hand, even with the door tag in hand, I couldn’t go to Fedex local store (where they kept my package) to pick it up, because I had to show the proof of address and obviously my ID had my address with Apt # but in their system they didn’t have the Apt# and At&t would refuse to update it until the package was shipped back to them. The other problem was that since I was moving to a different state (CA) in two days, I didn’t have time for all this changes, so I asked them to if possible at least void the previous order and place a new order and instead of Florida (my place of residency), ship it to California where I was going. In return they replied that in that case you would have to pay the extra for shipping to CA and also the extra for taxes (~$60.00). At the end, you see that they are the one who made the mistake (Apt #), they are the one who had restrictions on Fedex to get updated information from At&T in case of address change, they are the one who have this policy to not make any changes until they receive their most valuable package (iphone) and they are the one who want to charge me extra with an extra wait time. And remember I have been their customer for more than two years with couple of lines and I have upgraded three lines since last year and still don’t have anything solved. So god bless the new customers with new contracts

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