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Iphone Data lag...big time


Iphone Data lag...big time

I need help.  During the day, the data on my Iphone 4 is non existant, despite it showing 3-4 bars of 3G.  If I have access to wifi, I'm fine, but if not, forget about it!  Since I updated the software and got the new messaging that everyone raves about, I had to turn it off.  It didn't work for me since I have no data during the day.  I'm getting extremely frustrated.  I used to have the opposite problem...I went WAY over (at least 2 gigs) my data allowance every month, even though I never watch videos or do anything other than emails, FB and some games (WWF, HWF, etc.) and then got dinged $10 per gig over.  I'm lost....HELP!!!  What should I do??

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