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Iphone Data & Bill Questions

Iphone Data & Bill Questions



I get to upgrade in 9 days and right now I have the impression but I want the Iphone but I have some questions


I have the 30.00 unlimited plan and I see that I can keep that when I move over to an Iphone correct?


Can I also keep my current 39.00 plan?


My bill uselly comes out to around 82.00 or so. Will it stay the same with an IPhone>



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Re: Iphone Data & Bill Questions

The Impression is not a Smartphone so I have to ask, is the $30 data plan you have "really" the $30 Smartphone Unlimited Data plan?  Or do you really have (more likely) the $30 Messaging & Data Unlimited plan (non-smartphone plan).


Only those with the real $30 Smartphone Unlimited Data (which does not include any messaging) plan can keep it when moving to a different smartphone. 


Those with the non-Smartphones (aka regular phone), and the $30 Messaging & Data Unlimited plan, do not qualify and are required to choose one of the new Smartphone data plans ($15-DataPlus-200MB or $25DataPro-2GB)


As for your rate plan, that would depend since I don't know which one that is.  If it's one of the old Blue plans I think you might have to pick one of the current plans.  If not then you will probably be allowed to keep it.

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Re: Iphone Data & Bill Questions

I did have the 20 dollar text and 15 dollar unlimited plan then when I upgraded before they bundled it all in one.

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Re: Iphone Data & Bill Questions

Only smartphone unlimited data plans can be grandfathered to the iPhone.  Non-smartphone unlimited data plans will have to choose the 200MB or 2GB plans.

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Re: Iphone Data & Bill Questions

As stated, the Samsung Impression does not qualify as a Smartphone OS Unlimited plan. The Samsung Impression is part of the Data and Text for non-Smartphones.


When you upgrade to an iPhone or similar Smartphone OS, you will be downgraded to 2GB Data Plan or given the option for 250MB Data Plan if you plan on exercising caution and not using any data based application.


The most I've gotten billed for is similar to yours at $82 with the 2GB Smartphone OS Plan while skipping Navigator and other extras. 450 minutes, 200 texts, data following taxes in some regions similar to mine rolls around $82.

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Re: Iphone Data & Bill Questions

I would love to stay with the 39.99 plan with the 20.00 unlimited texts. I'm debating on the 200mb or 2gb. I might go with the 2gb. I dont use extras anymore.  And I did look at my unlimited plan and it is basic. boo. I would have loved the unlimited plan.  Do you like the iphone? up til now I never did, I don't want the 4. I want the 3G. Since it doesnt have face time chat and all that other stuff I dont want. I might have to cave in. I at least want my bill to be under 100.00

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Re: Iphone Data & Bill Questions

If you get an iPhone you should just get the newest version (4) if you can. 


After each major phone release there has been an OS release that goes along with it.  After the next iPhone releas,e the 3G and 3GS probably won't receive any more updates except for minor stuff as they will be considered outdated.  2 years is the real supported lifespan for an iPhone.

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Re: Iphone Data & Bill Questions

I highly recommend going with the iPhone 4.  I have had mine since June and love it.  My daughter had a 3G and just upgraded to a 4 because the screen is so much better.  Four of us in our family have the iPhone 4 and we all love it.  I would agree about the future upgrades not working on the 3G-and many of the apps seem to be for the iPhone 4 and the retina screen.  Over the life of the phone, I figure that the extra money for the newest model is not that much and is money well spent if you want an iPhone.

If you are paying $39.99 now, with another $20 for unlimited texting, adding data to an iPhone would be an additional $15 or $25, or, a total of $74.99 to $84.99 plus taxes, each month.  The first month will include your $18 upgrade fee, also.  But after that, your bill should remain under $100.

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