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Iphone 4s and remembers wife


Iphone 4s and remembers wife

Anyways i wasnt going to buy this phone since the 3gs was perfect but my wife and i walked into the ATT store in staten island and walked out with 2 of them in 10 minutes. Although i had to pay the $35 restocking fee on my wifes 3gs since i upgraded her 3g last week and they wouldnt wave it.
My question is with siri i said my wife is lisa. So now when i say call my wife it says which wife since i have 2 lisas in my contacts. I tried everything even deleting one of the lisas and it still asks which lisa. Any ideas??
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Re: Iphone 4s and remembers wife

I'm sorry but this made me giggle just a little bit Smiley Wink hehehe

No clue how to solve the problem
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