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Iphone 3gs & U-Verse Mobile


Iphone 3gs & U-Verse Mobile

I'm sorry if I am posting this in the wrong spot. If so please move it where it should go.


Right now I'm a little frustrated with AT&T. I have an iphone 3gs and we have U-Verse u200. According to the website I should be able to download the uverse app and watch certain show from AT&T's library on my iphone for free. I did the chat online about another question and then asked then if this was free for me - just to be safe. Online they tell me it $9.99 per month. So I figure I'll call and speak directly to someone. Nice girl but honestly not a clue when it came to this. I quoted her what the webpage said and wanted to make sure I understood it correctly. She said I would get charged then backpedalled and said I wouldn't.  At this point I gave up. She also had no clue how the app itself worked or where I could look online for directions.


Does anyone know FOR SURE since we subscribe to U-Verse u200, can I watch stuff on my iphone for free? And if so, are the downloadable ones for free in the library under watch-library-shows in my tv package?  I don't want the live tv package. I know you get charged for that since I believe its more tv shows


Thank you and sorry again if this is in the wrong spot.

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Re: Iphone 3gs & U-Verse Mobile

I feel your frustration....On the sing-up and phone conversation , I was told you can access your Uverse WI FI oemail r hook directly to the box so that you could download apps from it and listen to music and be sure your dont go over your 200 MB ...If you find the answer please email me at {Personal content removed for your safety}.....doesn;t seem right you would get an additional 9.99 cent charge to pay for what you already paid for....

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Re: Iphone 3gs & U-Verse Mobile

looks like live viewing is chargable, but with the other app it appears that you can download recorded items over wi-fi and watch them for free

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