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Iphone 3g S question.


Iphone 3g S question.

I read thru the forum looking to see if my question has been raised and it hasn't. And yes, this is another MMS question.  I upgraded from the 1st generation iphone to the 3g S.  I used to receive a lot of MMS and even tho I hated it, i got used to having to use  I've been away from my family so my wife has been sending me pix of our children, however, now I am not even receiving the option to go to the website to view. I am not receiving the message at all. So I was wondering, did they change something with the 3g S to not allow the website since the are supposedly adding MMS to the servers at the end of the summer or is this just an issue I'm having alone?
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Re: Iphone 3g S question.

I can't say much I rarely recieve texts. I usually use a messenger service for all my "sms/mms" needs. since i don't have to get a data plan. Someone here will be able to give you insight you may have to wait a bit though. Late hours.
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Re: Iphone 3g S question.

You can save yourself a lot of aggravation with the viewmymessage fiasco by sending and receiving by email if you have it installed on the iPhone.

I find that the emailing method of exchanging pictures on the iPhone works so incredibly effortlessly and efficiently that I actually prefer it. I won't be using MMS, even when it is activated because of it. While MMS has a limit on how high a quality the sent photos can be, emailing allows exponentially higher levels of resolution and size.

Also, there's an app called, "Quip" that you can download and install from iTunes, with which you can effortlessly send and receive pictures to any cellphone with a browser.

There are some choices which are actually better than viewmymessages, and MMS, entirely.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Iphone 3g S question.

Ray - I do use Quip to send MMS.  However, it does not help me with receiving MMS.


I'm just trying to figure out why when she sends mms i do not receive anything at all when the previous iphone i had would receive the option of a   

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Re: Iphone 3g S question.

When they set up your plan for the new iPhone they might have changed your texting plan to get ready for the MMS release.  Have you tried logging into yourOnline Account Manager and looking under Features to see what plan you have for your phone?

Online Account Manager :


I had them do some changes to my account since my son left for Basic Training (US Marines) I decided to cancel the Family Messaging plan since it was only me using it now.  When they added the messaging plan for my iPhone they did not give me the iPhone Text Messaging plan .. Instead the placed me on the regular messaging unlimited plan.


If you have a family messaging plan or the normal non-iPhone message plans you will not receive a viewmymessage notice.

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