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Ipad Stolen in South Florida


Ipad Stolen in South Florida

I had a ipad1 stolen out of a hotel room in West Palm Beach. I was able to data wipe it. However, Apple says that if anyone finds it, they can just hook it up to an itunes account and away they go. They apparently will not freeze the serial number.

I cancelled my AAT account for that device. So if someone trys to initiate 3G service with that serial number, can they use the device? I guess the question is, does ATT block stolen items? Even if I have the original receipt and police report? How does ATT handle this?

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Re: Ipad Stolen in South Florida

Look over in the iPhone forum.  Apple basically doesn't care which is a disgrace.  See if the police department will subpoena the information on the person attempting to register the unit. 

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Re: Ipad Stolen in South Florida

Just like any other personal property, it's not up to the manufacturer to keep your device secure or to keep the thief from using it. Once you pay for it, it becomes your responsibility.

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Re: Ipad Stolen in South Florida

at&t like most carriers don't block devices when reported lost/stolen. it would be a nightmare if they did because you could say it's stolen if you sold it to someone and now it's a brick.
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