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Ipad Connection


Ipad Connection

My Ipad will not connect to the internet.  I keep getting emails that my email has changed, but hasn't.  I have data on my plan, but the Ipad get a message that I am not subcribed to a data account.  I can not find a email or a phone number for ATT support.  Can anyone help.

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Re: Ipad Connection

For account related issues with your iPad, you can call the main customer support at 1-800-331-0500. You will need the phone number that you were given at the time that you set up your iPad account in order for AT&T to route you to the proper dept. If you do not know the number you can locate it on your iPad by going into the settings menu, General, About, near the bottom of this section you will see "Cellular Data Number". This is the number that you need to give to the rep. when you call in.

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No iPad Account??

I rarely use the data plan. Last time I tried to set it up, it wouldn't work.

There is a connectivity problem.


I called Apple Care to get it fixed. In process, I ended up with duplicate charges--same day and time on my credit card.


No way to call AT&T or email them. The company has hidden all the information on iPad data.


I had AmEx place one of charges in dispute. I didn't even use the date on ONE plan.


Then, I called Apple Care again to get to AT&T. Now I have NO plan. I cannot sign up.


There is nowhere to go but to the Apple Store, where I am asking for a change to Verizon.


I have spent more than ONE HOUR on this horrid site trying to find help.


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Re: Ipad Connection

That's so funny.


You get disconnected at that number.

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Re: Ipad Connection

This has happened to me every time.

Last time, I was double[billed and my account was canceled.


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