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International Service Runaround


International Service Runaround

Be advised, when planning to use a new line internationally: 

1.  AT&T placed, without our knowledge, a "90-day hold" on international service on a Blackberry Bold added to our multi-decade AT&T contracts, calling it a "new line" (It was our 5th line)

2.  Order placed w/ ATT before traveling acquired International Calling plan, so we were told

3.  Once in Europe, NO service, phone or data

4.  Call to ATT&T "support" told us we needed to FAX a "utility bill" and a photo ID for them to consider activating international service -- Given that we were IN EUROPE, we had no such "utility bill" so service was denied

5.  Upon returning home, AT&T "graciously" decided to add the international plans we had originally requested, now that we no longer need them.

AT&T's practice and service to a customer of 20 years was inexcusable.  BE WARNED

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Re: International Service Runaround

It sounds like you got a bad rep to help you.  Normally then can run what is called a verififed identity check over the telephone to get around this.  They really should have done this.
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Re: International Service Runaround

My experience was quite similar: After being fed up with poor land-line service from Verizon, I added 2 cellular lines to my ATT wireless account, one for my wife and one for my son.  When I signed up, I told the salesman that my son was planning on traveling to Australia.  He suggested that I sign him up for the World Traveler Plan, but to wait until just before he left, so we wouldn't be paying for the plan until it was needed.  Multiple calls to Customer Service, being transferred from one line to another, hour-and-a-half on hold (I am not exaggerating), e-mails, faxes then found out we could not sign up for it.  Then his phone won't work in Australia.  More calls, transfers, hold-time.  Now I am told I don't have international capability on that phone and cannot get it until I've had that line 90+ days.  The salesman never told me that, and I've spent an inordinate amount of time just to find out that I can't even get the service for another 2 and a half months.
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Re: International Service Runaround

Not to be a Monday morning quarterback, but for something as important as this, you should have verfied that the features were added, before leaving the country.   A simple check of your online account status would have revealed the issue.  


People make mistakes.   It doesn't matter if you're a 20 year customer or not.   Never assume that anything you are told over the phone is correct.

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Re: International Service Runaround

Great that you always know what to do.  You're fabulous.
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Re: International Service Runaround

AT&T of course does have the power to lift their 90-day exclusionary period, they just choose not to do so.  About a week before the 90 days would expire, my last phone call to AT&T did result in their "allowing" our phone to work internationally (without faxing a utility bill!).  This policy forces one to buy international phone service elsewhere.
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