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International Roaming on New Account


International Roaming on New Account

I am currently thinking about opening a new account with AT&T.  I presently have a Verison Prepaid phone, and want to switch to a family plan, but have not changed yet.


My problem/question is - we are planning to travel to Europe in mid-June (4 weeks from now) - and would like to be able to use our phones while there.  From what I've read, I may not be able to enable International Roaming if I'm a new customer.  When I asked the rep at the AT&T store, he said that it was no problem, but he is also new.


Does anyone know if it is possible to get international roaming on a new account (less than 30 days).  We have good credit, if that makes a difference.


If we can't get it, I may delay opening an account, or consider another carrier.  I already know I can't use my Verizon phone internationally, so I may need to rent a phone for travel purposes.



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Re: International Roaming on New Account

I don't have an answer but have you considered getting prepaid phones when you arrive in Europe. Most phones there are prepaid and cheaper than roaming a US phone.
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