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International Messaging Problems


International Messaging Problems

For almost three years now I've been sending and receiving international text messages and for some odd reason, on the 12th of July I wasn't able to receive international messages and the person that I've sent messages to wasn't able to receive my messages. I tried contacting CS and after being on the phone for almost an hour, the issue wasn't resolved. I tried restarting my phone (iPhone 4), removing the sim, turning the power off and restarting the network settings and wasn't successful. I usually check my data usage at the end of the day to see if how many messages I've sent (since I have the international sms package) and it's been stuck to 33. That was the last message that I've sent.


If anyone has the same problem with what I have and is able to receive and send messages.. any advice?


Thank you.

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Re: International Messaging Problems

I would keep perstering CS.  Sounds like it might be a network issue.

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Re: International Messaging Problems

Was this ever resolved? I'm having the same problem since I updated my iphone 4 to ios5 in November. Strangely I received one text today from the person I normally text to in Mexico letting me know that they have sent me several text messages and they haven't heard from me. I replied back a few hours ago and I  haven't received a response so I'm assuming they didn't receive my text.

I called att cs last week, was with them for over an hour and kept on being transferred between the international cs and regular customer service but neither could resolve the problem then they just hung up on me. I was so frustrated I didn't bother calling back.

I'm hoping someone in cs reads this.

I am paying extra for international texting and had never had this problem until I updated my iphone.

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Re: International Messaging Problems

While anything is possible, I have a hard time believing that this is an iPhone problem.  If you can get domestic texts, you should have no problem getting the international texts if those texts made their way to ATT's server.  I would think it was a network problem.  

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