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International Data Plans and Prorating


International Data Plans and Prorating

With AT&T's current international data plans, are thery prorated?  That is, let's say I have 1 week left in my billing cycle and I add the 800mb international data plan at $120/month, effective as of the day I add it (i.e., not backdating it to the beginning of the month).  Will I receive approximately 200mb of data for that last week for approximately $30?  I have read in other discussions that AT&T in the past has prorated the cost but not the amount of data, but I think that was before they implemented their most recent international data plans.  


The problem I am having is that I am going to be traveling internationally for about one week, but my travels will span my billing date - I'll have about 5 days in one billing period and two days in another, so I'm trying to figure out which international data plan to sign up for.  Really wish I could just buy one bucket of international data to be used at any time.  

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