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Interference with home security system


Interference with home security system

I had an event with my home security system.  Just 14 minutes after I left my house, a wireless motion sensor faulted.  The timing was perfect for a real break in, so I had to go back to my house and check it out.  


I've only had the MicroCell active since October or November.  There have been no issues with the security system and the other wireless systems in my house (wi-fi, wireless phone.)  And since the MicroCell sits in a bedroom directly oposite the closet that the security system is in, I can only assume that was the cause of interference.  


The security company was not familiar with the MicroCell, but said something caused interference and the missed the responce from the motion sensor so it faulted.


I unplugged it last week, and deactivated it in my account today.  There are other posts in here about acclerated battery drain with the phone connected to the MicroCell, I experienced that too.  


AT&T gave me the device, but in the long run, it cost me an $80 service call, plus 5 hours of time at work.


AT&T is going to have to improve the signal here, or at the end of my contract I may switch when iPhone 5 comes out.  Hopefully it will be LTE.



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