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Installation of screen protectors


Installation of screen protectors

I went to my local best buy to purchase a screen protector. I've owned probably 10 or more in the past few years, but I either couldn't get all the air bubbles out or I couldn't line it correctly and I would always throw them away. I purchased the Zagg protectors for the front and back. I talked with a rep and he said he would guarantee that he could install it with no air bubbles and he could line it up perfectly. I took him up on the offer and he did exactly what he said, perfectly alligned and not one tiny air bubble at all. I could have never done that, so if you have an experienced rep at your local Best Buy, I'd suggest to give them a try. Also, they normally charge like $5.00 to install it, but he did for free since I was buying something else.

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

Zagg also has some mall kiosks-I highly recommend not only the Zagg stuff, but getting them to apply.

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

I bought the invisible shield before i even ordered my iPhone...

Installed myself in about 20 minutes, it's drying now. Just waiting on activation

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

The trick is to do it very quickly. I've noticed through trial and error that most bubbles form because of dust particles... it drives me insane... just one dust particle and Bam! a bubble I can't remove.


So the trick is to prepare the screen... wipe it down clean (lol rhyme?) and when everything looks great peel the protector and apply it quickly. one dust particle lying on the screen and that's one bubble that you aren't going to remove anytime soon. Very annoying.

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

Those darn screen protectors are a pain; I have to get a few for my Mythic, and maybe I'll have the guy at the Best Buy store apply iy for me. ;P Smiley Wink

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

I installed the InvisAShield and let it dry over night. Now that its dry, I went to put the Ifrogz case on it and it tore the sides up.. anyone having issues???????

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

I think you posted this on another thread also?


With those style films, overnight isn't enough.  Outside may be dry but the adhesive often isn't fully set until at least 24-48hrs after application.

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

Waiting for these cats to make an i4 one. You get the screen pre-attached.

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

Me and my neighbor had Best Buy install our ZAGGs as well.  Well worth it.  The guy said that they got a bunch of practice one's earlier in the week.

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Re: Installation of screen protectors

 I have a couple of discount codes for Zagg screens if anybody wants them.These are one use only so it is first come first served,1st is 40% off fl74f9 must be used by 6/30/2010.These are 25% off iadszwjp and iadsz2j0 must be used by 6/29/2010. I got mine in about 6 or 7 days, but still don't have a phone for them :-(  If you can find the iPad giveaway place on Zagg's website and enter they were giving away these codes when you entered.I won't guarrantee anything about these codes I placed here though since after one use,they are no good.Enjoy!



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