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Inspire rebooting!!!!


Inspire rebooting!!!!

So my side volume button on my inspire stopped working. Got a warranty replacement and all was well for a day or two. then all the sudden it started rebooting on its own. It would do it every few hours. So I did a factory reset and removed the SD card...still does it.

So I call the warranty deopartment and they send a replacement battery. Put the battery in and it keeps rebooting.

So I call again and they send another keeps rebooting as well. There are no apps installed....the phone is exactly as it was sent to me.

Anyone else have this issue?

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Re: Inspire rebooting!!!!

I had same problem been threw three phones the one I just got does same thing..I have decided when my contract over I'm done with ATT.
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Re: Inspire rebooting!!!!

I also went through three replacement phones and a lot of greif dealing with ATT's HORRIBLE customer service.

After getting the run around for hours, being hung up on when being "transfered to a supervisor", being offered a list of junk phones as replacements I flat out told them I wanted to cancel. Then all the sudden they offered to send me a Vivid as a replacement.

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Re: Inspire rebooting!!!!

I am facing the same "rebooting" issue on my inspire too. I got a "refurbished" phone for replacement from ATT. Even that phone had the same problems. Just yesterday i got a new battery replacement and waiting now to see if that fixes it (but reaing around the forum seems that should not work). I tried convincing ATT to give me a different phone model for the same price i paid just 6 months back for a new phone but in vain.

I have an iphone too at home and it has never had such issues.

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Re: Inspire rebooting!!!!

Random reboots can happen for a variety of reasons:  Bad motherboard, bad GPRS chip, overheating, and yes a bad battery.  Most of which can't be checked without a technician opening the phone.  Don't assume that the battery is not the issue, just because it wasn't for somebody else.  Give the new battery a chance (you may be surprised), but there may be other hardware issues.


iPhones are by no means defect free.  Several of my friends have had iPhone issues that required the phone to be replaced.

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Re: Inspire rebooting!!!!

ATT send me a new battery after the second replacement handset started rebooting. It did not help.

This reboot isssue is obviously a know issue with ATT since they sent me 2 additional handsets after the original replacement. You can also google this issue and see it is pretty common.

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