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Inspire questions?


Inspire questions?

Small problems but problems none the less and I figured I'd ask in one thread to see if I could get abny resolution from them.


1) HTC Friend Stream; If I enable this widget for my Facebook and I chose Do not sync contacts, yet some reason all my contact pics I installed from my desire are replaced w/ a override of FB deafult pic. Any advice on how to get that to stop? I know its coming from the Stream because I removed it and it switche dback. I'd like to use this widget w/out this issue.



2) Favorite widget(speed dail): I had one person that this widget doesn't will randomly remove just this one person?



3) Content picture display: Every now and then some of my contacts pics will become pixelated. I dont know why. Its a large picture and now zoomed in?


Thank you in advance for any responses I receive on this.


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