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Inspire questions - Calendar? Swype??


Inspire questions - Calendar? Swype??

I am really enjoying my inspire - my first smart phone.  However, having used a Palm forever, I am truely frustrated with the poor calendar function - is there an app for that?  Something that allows me to get multiple alarms on events, delete single instances of events I am repeating, and allows me to archive my life (for tax and other purposes I like to keep track of what I was doing last year in June, for example....).  In other words, I'd love my Palm on my phone!  Any ideas??


Also, swype was demonstated to me when I bought the phone - it was one of the reasons I got the phone I did.  I find out now, however, that I am unable to download it because ATT no longer allows downloads that are NOT from Android Market.  Any way around this???

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Re: Inspire questions - Calendar? Swype??

I'm sure you can find a more robust calendar app through the marketplace.  Yes, Swype is currently not offered in the marketplace but SlideIT is.  Give that one a try.  They are a competitor.

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Re: Inspire questions - Calendar? Swype??

I had the same disappointment with not having Swype on mine.  I loved it on my Samsung Captivate.   I am using SlideIt for now.  It doesn't work as well for me as Swype did, but that may be just because I was used to the Swype system.   You spell words the same, but the auto capitalization and auto spacing and stuff like that don't work to my liking as well as swype, but I'm adjusting quickly.  I would probably switch to Swype if it was available, though.


You can try SlideIt free for 2 weeks and decide whether or not you want to purchase it.  I have read people's comments that words you add to your dictionary in the trial version do not carry over to the paid version, so be aware of that..

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Re: Inspire questions - Calendar? Swype??


It worked for me and I am enjoying Swype on my HTC Inspire Smiley Very Happy


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