Inspire Accelerometer Gets Stuck


Inspire Accelerometer Gets Stuck

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Occasionally the accelerometer on my and my wife's phone will get "stuck" leaving all apps in portrait or landscape mode and no games that use the accelerometer will function correctly.  It seems to be a software issue since restarting the phones will fix the problem.  It has been doing this since we first got the phones, so I don't think it is anything we installed.  I have seen mentioned on other forums that it could be live wallpaper related, but this will happen even when using static wallpapers.


Is anyone else having this problem, and if so, have you fixed it?

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Re: Inspire Accelerometer Gets Stuck

Accelerometer stopped functioning.  Works again after rebooting phone, but goes back to not auto rotating again.  Don't know what is causing it.  I haven't loaded anything new today, and today is first day it started. Phone was purchased new about four days ago.

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