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Inspire 4G and Unlimited Data Plan

Inspire 4G and Unlimited Data Plan

Just found out today that I have lost my "Grandfatherd-In" unlimited data package with tethering because I switched to the Inspire 4G. I have been with AT$T for over 7 years and have had an unlimited data plan for most of that time. I started with a Blackberry, moved onto the 8125, then the 8525, then the Tilt, then the Fuze, then the Tilt2, and FINALLY the Inspire 4G.


When upgrading from my Tilt2, the corporate store in Syracuse, NY indicated that I "should" be able to keep my plan with unlimited data and tethering. After about three weeks of debates and tech support calls and promises that this "case" should be resolved and "your plan will be back to normal", I got a voicemail from AT$T case management stating that my "case has been resolved and I have to call in to find out more information." After making the 611, the inevitable has happened (and I should have known) that I have lost my customer value to AT$T.


I also found out that EVERYONE who has a 3G unlimited dataplan will lose their unlimited plans when going to any 4G device. What the F! Thanks for the mis-information at the CORPORATE store and leading me down some stupid delay in telling me I'm screwed.


I also found out that the HTC Thunderbolt will be available with an unlimited data plan. Hmmmmm.....

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Re: Inspire 4G and Unlimited Data Plan

That's terrible.  Seems like they are using "4G" as an lame excuse to yank people's unlimited plans.


I've heard a rumor that AT&T might bring back the unlimited plans soon.  Apparently, customers have been leaving in droves over the lack of unlimited plans.   Haven't read that myself, but from a friend who has been doing a lot of research on switching carriers, etc.


More and more happy I went for an unlocked unsubsidized phone.   My Bell Canada Desire Z cost a pretty penny, but gets 4G speeds just fine on my old SIM and the "old" AT&T APN info.

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Re: Inspire 4G and Unlimited Data Plan

I think the key factor in your case is that you had an unlimited plan with tethering option.

If you had a regular unlimited plan, it would not have been an issue.


At the very least, they should have provided you the option to "downgrade" to the unlimited without tethering.

Personally, I would push to get the unlimited without tethering plan, unless you just absolutely need the tethering option.

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Re: Inspire 4G and Unlimited Data Plan

You better get that plan back. I kept mine,as did most new 4G owners. Do some more research here and elsewhere and you'll see. If you had it,you can keep it.
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