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Initial charge HTC One X....HELP


Initial charge HTC One X....HELP

Waited for months for this phone....finally got it today but before I opened the mailing box it came in, I heard it turn on so I rushed to get it open to turn it off knowing it needs to be charged before turning on and in thinking to hold down button, I restarted it 3 times before I figured out how to turn it off. It is off now but seeing as tho I can't replace the battery, have I messed up the initial charge that needs to be done before use? Very frustrated that it turned itself on in the first place being a stickler for taking care of the battery. Phone was in the box screen side down which is how it turned on, the button hit the top of the box I guess. I know AT&T sends back refurbished phones no matter what when u send them back which I def do not want....I don't know much about the battery in the ONE X, I ok or should I go into a store and try to get a new phone so I can charge it properly before first turn on?

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Re: Initial charge HTC One X....HELP

This is just my opinion and I'm no expert, but the initial battery charge routine isn't that crucial to battery performance.  I usually have a routine that I go through, but with my last three phones, I didn't do it.


I have found that the process needed to be repeated about once a month anyway, so I run the battery down when it's convenient for me.


Wait, I see that we have different battery routines.  Even more to my point that our phones will survive without the battery initiation ceremony.

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Re: Initial charge HTC One X....HELP

How you charge the battery initially does absolutely nothing in terms of the long term life and performance of the battery.   All you want to do is calibrate the battery meter on the phone (not the battery itself), so that it reads as accurately as possible.  Do this by charging to full (leave it there for a half hour or so after it reads full, to make sure the top-off charge is applied) then drain to 10 or 20% (not to zero).  Repeat 2-3 times, and you are good to go.  It doesn't matter that you didn't do this right away, it will still work.  As mentioned in the post above, you can even do it again every month (or few months) if you want to make sure the battery meter is calibrated properly.


The common misconception (myth) of  "calibrating the battery" is an outdated one, and doesn't apply to modern Li ion batteries.  Also, some will suggest draining the battery untiil the phone dies.  This is ill advised.  The battery will not drain to zero voltage, the safety circuit is designed to prevent this.  But I have seen plenty of instances with Android phones where draining the battery did not properly activate the safety circuit, and the battery was rendered incapable of charging (voltage too low).  And since the battery on the One X is not user replacable, you are pretty of luck in that case.


FYI, AT&T will exchange your phone for a brand new one, if its defective and within the 30 days of purchase.  You are correct, that after the 30 days, they will likely give you a refurb.  But don't return the phone because of how you didn't charge the phone initially, as there is absolutely nothing wrong with the phone.

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