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Infuse Ringtone Notification Question


Infuse Ringtone Notification Question

I recently ugraded from Captivate to Infuse, which I love When setting my notification ringtone for text messages and alerts, I seem to be following the instructions exactly, however, the notifcation ringtone does not change from "Cloud" (which must be the default notification ringtone?). I have powered off phone, checked and re-checked all places where this setting can be changed and it just doesn't seem to take effect. Any ideas? p.s. my Captivate had same method for changing ringtones and I never had a problem.

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Re: Infuse Ringtone Notification Question

When selecting the ringtone that you want, are you sure you're tapping the 'Ok' button to be sure that you're saving the ringtone change?

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