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Infuse Gingerbread update

Infuse Gingerbread update

I've seen on the AT&T blog (and some other sources) that the Infuse, along with a few other phones, was supposed to be getting Gingerbread this month.  Any update on this?

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Re: Infuse Gingerbread update

I was also looking forward to the update. Hello at&t!!!

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Re: Infuse Gingerbread update

Where is the update to Gingerbread?

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Re: Infuse Gingerbread update

where is the infuse Gingerbread update!!!!


don't make us go to the town bashing AT&T on this.

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Re: Infuse Gingerbread update

This is insane...if there was a problem with the August Update deadline, they should let us know. Now, I am ready to skip gingerbread and go to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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