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Impression Replacement


Impression Replacement

I've had my Impression for 9-10 months, and I'm getting sick of it. The keyboard is buggy, which I can kind of deal with but it's annoying. The other day, I was scrolling through my contacts when it froze and went to a purplish pinkish color. And of course, after texting a lot I have to restart my phone to send another text. 

I believe I have a warranty on it, but friends have told me that you can turn it in for the LG Vu Plus or something like that. 

What I want to know is if AT&T will give me credit or something so I can by a refurb iPhone instead of recieving the Vu Plus. I also would like to know if ATT even acknowledges the horrible problems with this phone. 


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Re: Impression Replacement

Yes, you do have a warranty if you purchased the device new (a refurbished phone only has 90 days) and it's in good condition.  Warranty covers defects in your individual device, not limitations which may vary from one model to another.  In fact, the original warranty is from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer would repair the phone, not replace it.  The type of issue warranty covers is the type of issue you could expect to be fixed if the phone were repaired and restored to design specifications.


The Impression doesn't hold an extremely excessive number of text messages, so the inbox and outbox should be kept relatively clear, and the phone (as you've stated) should be power cycled to fully clear the memory used for the deleted messages.  However, most people don't start to see a problem until they get close to 100 messages stored.  Sometimes a master clear can help, too.


For the other issues you're having, you can certainly seek warranty replacement.  You can contact warranty at 1-800-801-1101.  Please have the malfunctioning phone with you, but call from a different line.


If you have insurance, that covers events that void the warranty or that happen when the device is out of warranty, whether due to date, damage, or loss/theft, and there's a deductible of $50 for this model and most others.  Both insurance and warranty generally send the same model unless they're out of stock.  I've heard reports that insurance may have been OOS for the Impression at times (I don't know the current status), and to my knowledge warranty has never yet run out of this device; so those who exchanged the Impression for the Vu Plus probably did so through insurance, not warranty.  


The time to return the phone for a refund was the 30 day trial period.  Within 30 days from your purchase, if you find the phone is not the right one for you, you can return it to the store (or department, if it was purchased online or over the phone) it came from.  At 9 months, the phone can't be returned for credit.


In particular, you won't get a credit for an iPhone.  However, if you check your upgrade eligibility by dialing *639# and pressing Send, you may find you can do an early iPhone upgrade.  If so, the price would in between the standard upgrade and the full retail pricing.


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