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If you have abnormal data usage on a Palm device ( Read This )


If you have abnormal data usage on a Palm device ( Read This )

So I made the unfortunate decision of having both my phone and fiancee upgraded to the Palm Pixi Plus.... the phone is fine but the issue is that I was told by a AT&T Rep that 200mb of usage would work fine for me.... Both my phone and my fiancees continues every month to have one to two data overages per line... usually the first overage will happen within the first week of a billing cycle. The problem is my fiancee and I rarely use our phone for web, apps etc... My fiancee checks bus times once or twice a week with an app and might send a couple small images via text to me from time to time other than that her phone is always on wifi.... as for me my phone is ALWAYS on wifi since it stays in my office.... and I have the data usage set to off under the AT&T Preferences card and at night my phone is either totally off or in airplane mode... 


Anyways for months we paid for unfair invalid data overages.... and for months we raised the issue with AT&T customer care via phone, chat and even their social media facebook team and they for months told us that the usage was justified etc... although I find it hard that I am using megabytes of data with my phone turned off and the battery out? I tested this several times and my bill was still showing usage when my phone was totally off.


Finally I had enough I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and a corporate resolution specialist called me and said he was going to have someone else look into then a week later I got a call on a saturday from a lady who worked in some special escalations group who told me that the issue is known and that thousands of AT&T customers are affected specficially users of certain models from Palm and Apple (iphone) she told me that they were working on a fix for the confirmed issue although it might be months longer before a fix was totally tested and provided but until then she credited my line  and said she would make a note on my account to make future credits every month until its resolved... the bad part is she did not credit the other line affected on our account and I have no way of getting back in touch with her... anyways... this issue is well known on the Palm Forums, Precentral Forums and Apple discussion groups and even a few consumer sites talk about it and yet AT&T will not acknowledge it officially and further the lower level customer care reps will outright tell you they have no idea what your talking about and will try to tell you that everything is okay.


I would suggest if you are having this issue to keep copies of your bills and monitor data usage and call AT&T if they give you the run around then you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which will send the complaint to their corporate offices.


I also found a article indicating that a state attorney general and the federal trade commission are looking into this issue with AT&T data.


also you can do a search on's forums...

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Re: If you have abnormal data usage on a Palm device ( Read This )

Funny.... AT&T has been giving my fiancee and I phantom data charges for months.... in which our phone will be off... on wifi or in airplane mode and some how we will be using crazy amounts of data.... so today they called and offered to "waive" the requirement of having a data plan on my smartphone... so essentially since they cannot fix the issue they want to offer me the option of not having data at all.

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