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Re: IPhone iOS 5: iMessaging


IPhone iOS 5: iMessaging

Does the block function work to still block texts to and from a number if both individuals are on iOS 5 and are iMessaging?

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Re: IPhone iOS 5: iMessaging

Nope, doesn't block iMessage
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Re: IPhone iOS 5: iMessaging

Could you elaborate on this more?


We've been getting a daily barrage of spam texts...coincidence they are at the near same time and from the same spammer on all phones in the plan!  Is this an inside job, how else to explain it? Smiley Mad  I report them to 7726, but they keep coming.


Texting was supposed to be turned off, but once we upgraded to new phones, all the texts started again.  We don't text, period.  BTW, pay-per-use, and why it's a problem!


I asked to have a block put on last month, texting continued.  Called again this month to request it again, and now I see iMessage'ing won't work!


I thought it was not supposed to block iMessage?


Any thoughts how to get through to CS?

@JFizDaWiz wrote:
Nope, doesn't block iMessage

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Re: IPhone iOS 5: iMessaging

Here are some more tips to block and prevent wireless spam: http://www.att.net/smartcontrols-SpamControlsForWireless

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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