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IPhone 4 Music Player Issues


IPhone 4 Music Player Issues

So for the past couple weeks my music player in my phone has been messed up.  Clicking the home button twice only brings up the controls but it acts like I'm not even playing any music so it does nothing.  If my phone locks it will stop playing music and I have to unlock it and go pick the next song or set it so that it doesn't lock.  It started working again a couple days ago and just a few minutes ago a song ended and I heard it beep twice very loudly and it came up with the same blank control screen again when I use the shortcut.  Is this happening to anyone else and if so, what's the solution?

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Re: IPhone 4 Music Player Issues

Better do a back up first and then do a soft reset on your iphone by pressing the home button and the power button until the apple logo appears.
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