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If I have insurance on my phone, but sell it and buy another one off Ebay or from someone else, and the new phone gets lost/stolen/damaged, will insurance cover it? I'm asking because I got a Samsung Magnet when I first signed up for service, but I sold it after a few months and have been using my niece's Propel since then. I accidentally dropped the Propel in the water when I was giving my little girl a bath last night and I don't know whether I can file a claim on it or not. If anyone can help, please respond. Thanks!

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No, insurance only covers the phone that you insured. It would be like insuring a Ford and trading it and turning in a claim on a Chrysler. They are not the same. The proper phone must be listed on your insurance.

You can try, but I don't think that you will be successful.

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the thing is... the phone you have registered on youre account is the phone that the insurance has registered too, so, if you first has a propel, change to magnet but you never call to update youre new equipment information, the phone that is covered is the propel, also, if you sold the equipment, and you said the phone was damaged, they will request to you send back damaged phone, wich obviously you dont have, if you dont send the original equipment they will charge you the price of the equipment that they send you and the $50 for insurance deductible... you better call to add insurance on youre propel before something bad happend again...


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