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I want another Android phone---are they coming to AT&T?

I want another Android phone---are they coming to AT&T?

I think the Droid is great.  I WANT one.   Right now, I have a G1 that CAN'T use AT&T's 3G, but I'm still on AT&T.

Here's the problem------for the same plan, it costs 50% more per month on Verizon. 

Over two years, that's MORE than the price of the phone ($600) in savings, plus the $200 they charge you to get the phone anyway.


In other words, I would BUY a Moto Droid today in cash if I could make it able to use AT&T's 3G.    The "Backflip" Droid phone is not what I want----flips open (3rd party battery support impossible, Android phones have AWFUL battery life), and it's all about social networking, which I am not.  

I have great coverage with AT&T even when I travel, except for the part about not being able to use AT&T's 3G.   It's been over 2 years now, but still no Droid support.   It's frustrating, but not frustrating enough to get an iphone or switch to Verizon and pay 50% more a month



There is all kinds of info out there for when Verizon gets this Android phone or that Android phone, but I can't find ANYTHING for AT&T and I am going to need a new Android phone in the next month or so.   Does anyone know if AT&T isn't getting any other Android phones in that time? 

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Re: I want another Android phone---are they coming to AT&T?

Yes more Android phones are in the works for all carriers.

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