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I phone blocked by At&T


I phone blocked by At&T

I have been calling At&T services several times to ask  to unblock my I phone. I no longer live in the US, will not return there and want to use my I phone in France where AT&T do not have a network!


My contract with AT&T is over, everything is paid off and I will never give or sale my phone to a US friend or colleague for AT&T to have a new customer and make more money.

I do not understand why, in my case, At&T refuse to unblock my I phone. If AT&T would be courteous with their costumers, they would do it.


I have been a customer for 3 years, so I think I paid my I phone way over the price. I have tried everything here in France to unblock the I phone and every I phone specialist says only AT&T can do that. When I bought It, I asked if it will work If one day I will return to France, they said YES!!!  The AT&T representative I talked to recently  pretend that they cannot unblock the phones. This is a big lie.


This is against the law in France to block an I phone which is no longer under contract with a phone company!!


I hope that one day it will be the same in the US to protect the customers . I will never buy anything from AT&T anymore.


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Re: I phone blocked by At&T

Try reading the 10 other threads on this page about unlocking an iPhone.

It doesn't matter if it's illegal in France, it is perfectly legal in the US.
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Re: I phone blocked by At&T

Sell it on eBay and buy yourself an unlocked phone in France. As has been pointed out, French law does not apply to products purchased in America. As it is, your warranty coverage for the phone is in America - French Apple Stores don't necessarily need to honor the warranty on your American-bought phone (although they probably would service it). 

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Re: I phone blocked by At&T

Sorry AT&T will not unlock your iPhone. Sell it on eBay
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