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I need help please...


I need help please...

So im moving and the aera that im moving too does not have Cable nor DSL as of yet. Which prob means its going to be awhile. Someone told me about this Sierra PC card for my PC and get on the internet. I play my Xbox 360 and PC game all the time online. How is this Sierra card speed compared to cable or dsl? Is it worth it?


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Re: I need help please...

Hello.  First I would check the coverage maps of all carriers for your area (I would use my address versus just a zip code in the search) to see who has the faster speeds for your area.  For example with AT&T if just EDGE coverage than the speeds will be about those of dial up, but if 3G coverage is available than the speeds can get close to DSL.  Factors such as number of users at a given time, signal strength (weather, obstructions between you and the tower) and other will effect the speeds and performance. 
One other thing to consider is the amount of data that you will be using on a monthly basis.  The highest AT&T plan has a monthly limit of 5Gb, quite a bit of data but if you do online gaming, photo downloads, etc. it may be an issue.  Online broadband was not really intended to replace home ISP service, but many have done so.
I assumed that you have checked to see if AT&T high speed internet access is available for your new area?
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