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I'm so ticked off.....What are my options??


I'm so ticked off.....What are my options??

So I ordered three phones on Friday morning 10/7 online through Premier.  


All three are still on backorder.  The order wasn't even processed until 10/10!  That's also when the hold was put on my credit card.


I'm really ticked -- two are birthday gifts for birthdays that are long gone, and I realllllly hate that they have to wait weeks.  What are my options now?  If I were able to find some in-store tomorrow, how would I even activate since all three ordered phones are for existing iPhone accounts (grandfathered with unlimited data plans)....


Suggestions welcome....

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Re: I'm so ticked off.....What are my options??

Not sure if this trick will work with FedEx, but if you go to UPS' site, select Track By Reference from the Tracking tab, and put in your phone number as the Shipment Reference, you can find out if your phone is coming via UPS even if you haven't yet gotten a tracking number. If you get a hit in the system, you'll find out what your UPS tracking number is and where your phone is.


jnypny wrote:

When I asked about cancelling the orders and restoring the accounts, I was told they can't cancel and I can only refuse the order when it's delivered.  I have a hard time believing this is true.  


I had really been hoping the comments I've been following all week about previous times things not being updated online but the phones actually being shipped on time were true....The ATT folks on the phone have been extremely unhelpful. 


I don't understand why my acknowledgment email that I got minutes after I placed the order on 10/7 came through with an expected delivery date of 10/14, but then the order wasn't actually entered into their system for three days.  

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Re: I'm so ticked off.....What are my options??

I am in the same boat also. I ordered 2 phones on Friday morning at 5:00 AM CST. The first order I placed is fine and is arriving tomorrow. The other they say did not process until 10/8 and it is on backorder. I tried to check Fed Ex using the reference number and nothing came up, even on the order I know has shipped. Why didn't AT&T not notify me? That is all I want to know. Why did I have to call to find out when they are my phone provider. CALL ME IF MY ORDER IS NOT GOING TO SHIP! YOU KNOW MY NUMBER!!! AT&T - What are you doing to resolve this ??? All I want is some communication
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Re: I'm so ticked off.....What are my options??

So, after all my whining and screaming about being screwed over by ATT and that my phone wasn't gonna be here for another 3-4 weeks. TONIGHT at 9:15 central time i get a shipping notification that my phone will be delivered tomorrow.

I take back all the horrible things i

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