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I'm paying for a phone that has been functional under 50 percent of the time

I'm paying for a phone that has been functional under 50 percent of the time

My experience so far with AT&T has made me want to go a;sldfkjas;dglkfajsdfg;alosgjs;ladfkgj.


I've never felt compelled to actually register an account so I could post a gripe, but my experience thus far in my two month relationship with AT&T has been a joke.



First my phone didn't work for the first three weeks.  Correction, it worked right outside the store when I bought it, and then siezed to work after that.  Apparently there was some kind of "server failure," although this took multiple calls to fix.  The first lady I spoke with was very rude and intimidating, unhelpful.  I knew she didn't understand the nature of my problem because she wanted to set up the number transfer that had already been set up, and worked upon me testing it.  At one point, when I volunteered information about my previous phone (prepaid) she rudely interjected "Sir, I'm aware of the Virgin Mobile business model."  Her tone with that was what really made it so rude.  How unpleasant is it when you buy a pricey iPhone, get locked into a two-year contract, have a phone that doesn't work and the only person that can help you is incapable and actually angry to you.

Later they'd tell me it was the Terms of Service and some other shenanigans.  Each support person said the phone would work shortly, "bear with us for 5 minutes or so while we update our computers."  Each time I'd call back several hours later I'd be told that it would be 24 hours.  Each person along the way had an oppurtunity to diagnose the problem and didn't.  Finally, I found a competent and caring person (was it "Tahona?") that spent the 20 minutes or so to figure out.


Then I get to pay my first monthly bill based on only one week of actual service.  And you know what?  The stupid website fails!  Something goes wrong in the registration process, everytime I try to log in it can't find my account and says try again later.  And now it's too late to send a payment in by mail.  So you know what?  Guess who loses service again!  I just spent 25 minutes with a chat rep whose saying they're emailing me a password, only to then inexpicably say it can only be sent by US mail or text (which I can't get).  Well why'd you make me wait there for 20 minutes hitting refresh on the inbox?  Now I have to wait another week to get the password, which I know won't work, because back when I was getting texts the temporary passwords didn't work!  So I have to wait a week to call them back and ask for other options.


Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Thank god for roommates.  I'd be completely isolated from anyone I needed to call otherwise.

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Re: I'm paying for a phone that has been functional under 50 percent of the time


I didnt even have to really read the rest of the post. The first sentence you posted already had me thinking... if you were having issues with the phone within the first 3 weeks of buying it, why didnt you go to the store to return it and either get a new one or a refund?

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Re: I'm paying for a phone that has been functional under 50 percent of the time

Return options aside...ICantBelieve, did you get the bill paid? I heard the website has been a royal pain since they "updated" it, so to avoid the $5 phone-payment fee you can do it thru the automated system. No rude reps, no new reps that don't know what s/he is doing.

As for the craptacular technical troubleshooting, if I were you that experience would DEF have me reconsidering sticking around. It's a shame it took thT long and that much to get a competent, PATIENT person on the line.
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Re: I'm paying for a phone that has been functional under 50 percent of the time

Iphones can't do a warranty exchange in store like all other phones
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Re: I'm paying for a phone that has been functional under 50 percent of the time

I feel your pain.  AT&T is the only compay with network coverage & customer service so terrible that I was actually inspired to create an account on here and other oulets to dissuade as many people as possible from signing new contracts with them.  Although, with service as awful as theirs, I really don't have to do that much dissuading. 


I fully intend on cancelling my service with them and switching to Verizon as soon as my contract is up.  All one has to do is take a look at the Verizon forums and compare them to the AT&T ones to see that Verizon customers just aren't having these service problems on the mass scale that AT&T is. 


I know it's incredibly frustrating dealing with the complete and total incompetence of AT&T.  If I were you I'd just pay the early termination fee and get it over with, it's almost worth spending the money and saving yourself the 2 years of stress and crappy service.  I'd do the same if I didn't only have a couple months to go. 


Good luck!

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