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I'm not receiving random text messages.


I'm not receiving random text messages.

I appear to be getting some texts but not others. I'll be texting back and forth with my one friend, and I randomly will not get one or two of her texts, so I think she stopped responding, but that isn't the case. I've texted some other people too, and I don't get responses. I'm not sure if they just didn't text me back, or if they did, but I didn't get it. They all have AT&T I believe. I find it kind of odd that I receive some of the texts but not others. Could it be my phone, or would it be a problem with the service? One time my friend told me she sent me a really long text that I didn't get, so I turned my phone off and back on, and then I got the last page of the text, but none of the beginning. Thank you very much.
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