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I'm done with the Backflip!!!!!!


I'm done with the Backflip!!!!!!

Well, after several months of dealing with a phone that is decidedly LESS than it was made out to be, I'm done with it.  I'm done with a phone that seems to have way more problems than working features.  From what I've seen in this forum, the current owners are being used as beta testers for a device that needs to go back to the drawing board.  If Motorola and AT&T really gave a hoot about us, they would jointly recall all these over-rated paperweights and refund our money or exchange them for a working phone with working features.


I'm tired of constantly getting "network busy" errors when I try to make a call.  Over half the time, I have to use my son's tracfon to make a call.


I'm tired of the MotoBlur feature always being about a day behind if it even sends me any updates, emails, etc. 


I'm tired of fighting SD card issues using the SD card that came with the phone.  If it were a cheapo card I bought from an online auction, I could understand, but this is the one that came with the phone.  And given the number of posts from others, I'm guessing the problem is a bug with the phone.  But wherever the problems is, what good is a camera phone if I can't save the pictures for more than a few minutes?  Why does the phone, while just laying on the desk, suddenly decide it doesn't like the SD card and tell me I have to reformat?


I'm tired of the condesending attitude of some of the supposed company people who are monitoring this forum as well as the one over at Motorola.  If you can't offer real help and provide quality customer service with the intent and desire to offer a solution intended to build customer loyalty, then don't do anything.  I may be stuck with you for the duration of my agreement, but when the time comes, you can bet I will have already found another carrier who is more customer friendly. 


I'm tired of going into the local AT&T store for help.  All they want to do is tell me how much they LOVE the iPhone.  If the iPhone offered some of the features I wanted, I'd have an iPhone instead of this ugly paperweight.


The final straw that broke this camel's back was when I tried to download a paid app from the Market Place.  For the past six days, the staus shows "authorizing credit card".  I've looked at all the "help" in the Market Place forums, tried all the tips offered, with no change.  My 24 hour trial period is past so I can't get a refund.  None of the Google employees who monitor the forum have offered any real help.  Like Motorola and AT&T, they got the money, now they don't care.  As I was typing this post, I got an email from the App Developer saying that after complaining about this problem some months ago, Google cancelled his Google Checkout account.  So it seems that while Google doesn't like the App Developer anymore and don't want to do business with him, they still like the money his work generates.


I'm tired of vague promises about possible future upgrades.  Its amazing that the best info available is that its being worked on and released to some people for testing (MotoBlur) and its planned for release in Q3 (Android).


I'm tired of it all.  I'm going to  contact my state's Attorney General's office.  I'm going to ask that they take a look at the whole Motorola/AT&T/Google situation and see if there are grounds to "suggest" that the owners of this phone have been deceived and possibly defrauded in the process.  Perhaps my Attorney General's staff can share information with their counterparts in other states and jointly seek a resolution. 


I don't like being a guinea pig.  If you want me to "test" your product, don't ask me to pay for that privilege.  And if you want me to shut up and go away, take this lemon back and give me a working phone.


Back in the day, Ma Bell strived to took pride in their customer service and worked hard to provide their customers with exceptional service every day.  Today is obviously a new day.  Now it seems that the only desire is to do and say whatever it takes to sign up a customer to a long term contract with lots of extras to raise the bill then turn their back when there is any problem or issue except to offer suggestion or ask questions intended to just put the customer off.

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