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I just wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy Note on 2/17


I just wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy Note on 2/17

Strange and frustrating things are afoot if you are trying to upgrade on ATT.  It’s enough to make me ponder if other service providers are out there.


Here’s my main goal – I wanted the Galaxy Note on Feb 17th (pre-order delivery date) because I have business meetings all day on the 18th and I was looking forward to using the phone. I upgraded my device using ATT website, then the Premiere ordering site on 2/13 (at like 1am) and added the required data plan.


1. The data plan page didn’t indicate anything about what to do if you have a family messaging plan. To be safe I ordered a data plan that also included messaging. Because I wasn’t sure about the messaging portion (and I didn’t want to pay for a service I didn’t need) I contacted ATT using the CHAT service that morning… just to verify. I was told that everything was fine during that chat session.


2. The following day (2/14) I get an email saying there is a problem with my order. I proceed to call the listed number and am told that my order can’t be processed because my new data plan includes messaging and I already have family messaging. (that’s why I contacted them the day before) No problem I was told, the data plan would simply be removed and the phone order would proceed. When I receive it on 2/17 I can call and activate it then add the correct plan. OK, kind of annoying but no big deal.


3. I get another email 30 minutes later that says there is a problem with the order ?? huh ?? So I call again and am told that there is a problem with the data plan since I already have messaging. What the heck? I tell the agent that it was suppose to be resolved but am told it is not.  I tell her my only concern is getting the phone on 2/17 and she tells me the easiest thing to do is have her cancel the order and I can just order it again online with the proper plan. OK, that’s really annoying but at least I can get the phone on 2/17 still


4. I get an email that says the original order was cancelled. I then go through the online upgrade process and, choose the correct plan and success! The order is completed and I get a confirmation email. Yes! My phone will come on 2/17!


5. One minute later I get a “Your order has been cancelled email.” Huh? I just placed the order. I look it up online and sure enough, it is cancelled. I figure someone on the ATT end was cancelling orders and assumed my new one was the old one. No problem, I reorder AGAIN….1 minute later – “Your order has been cancelled.” OK, this is way beyond annoying


6. A call back to ATT and I’m told that my number is not eligible for an upgrade. Then I’m told that it is eligible but because I cancelled 3 orders I have to wait 72 hours to reorder. Huh?? I didn’t cancel, ATT cancelled them - That doesn’t seem to matter. Then I’m told I can simply order over the phone, which is fine with me…but insanely annoying


7. ANOTHER call to ATT and I get a guy who sounds helpful. I tell him what I want to pre-order the Galaxy Note for delivery on 2/17 (that’s all I really want) and he goes to work. Uh oh, the Galaxy Note is not in his system to order. I need to talk to a different department that deals with tablets (DMBR department or something like that…I couldn’t quite get the name)


8. Now I’m connected to the new department. Uh oh. Their system also doesn’t have the Galaxy Note for pre-order. This guy ended up being the most helpful. He then tried to release the hold on my cancelled order. That didn’t work so he called local ATT stores to see if he could get one (but was told I would have to fight for one when it hits the retail stores…no promises). Then I was told that I might need to just go into a store and pre-order one but then he called a store and they couldn’t do it. Last he finally asked the Premier Service Department to release the “hold” on my online auto cancelled order but no promises on that either.


Wow, 2 hours later and all that was accomplished is that I have to wait until Thursday and maybe the Premier Service dept can do something…but probably not. And when that fails I can attempt to reorder the phone ON 2/17!!  This is exactly why I contact ATT via chat on the 2/13 – to ensure I could get the phone on 2/17…that’s all I care about.


And after all this frustration, I have nothing to show for it - No one at ATT offering to make it right or even offering anything for the inconvenience.  Wow, all I wanted was the get the Note on 2/17. It seems that I was expecting WAY TOO MUCH for ATT to handle. Bummer.

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Re: I just wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy Note on 2/17

Wow! I feel your pain....;(
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Re: I just wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy Note on 2/17

Hahaha - heres an update.


I called back this morning to see if I could now pre-order the Note over the phone and...yes - it is now in the system. Woohoo, lets order it so I can get it ON THE 17!! Oh by the way, the girl on the line tell me..."its $100 more ordering on the phone." What? I let her know that I had purchased it online but ATT cancelled the order instead of fixing the data plan issue and instructed me to reorder (which I cant do now because YOUR systems wont allow it) - I just need the original price. Their response (oh c-mon, you can guess the response right) "If you want to order over the phone you will have to pay the additional $100." As you probably have guessed, I said no thanks. (and probably something about how annoying this is)


Dear ATT - Can anyone there simply help me upgrade this phone for the CURRENT online price that you wont give me acccess to because you messed up? Anyone...Anyone....Bueller.....

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Re: I just wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy Note on 2/17

OK, here it is...72 hours later. Here is the final update.


After waiting the 72 hours that I was instructed to wait, I attempted to order the Galaxy Note again. Once again the order processed and....1 minute later the dreaded email "Your order has been cancelled."


The bad news is, I needed the Note today.


The good news is, AT&T has just lost a business account with MUTLIPLE lines. Amazing that AT&T, in a matter of days, took an account (me) that paid hundreds per month, was fine with the service and drove me off. I am pulling all of my business services from this joke of a company. Do I think AT&T really cares. NOOO! I know they dont.How do I know this -  Not one person from ATT even responded to this post.


It seems that ATT is headed for some hard times. That could just be my opinion, and I could have trouble with other service providers, but when one drop of water (me..well, my business lines make it more like a bucket) begin to leave ATT, it quickly adds up to a flood.


DEAR ATT: I've decided its time we go our own ways. I wasnt unhappy with you...until I tried to talk to you. Im not angry, just disappointed in your lack of integrity.

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Re: I just wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy Note on 2/17

Well dtorbit, I hope you get YOUR Note on the promised date........ I sure didn't


I spent over an hour and a half in the AT&T corporate store to preorder my phone on the start date, Oh, and by the way, if you order in store they can only order you Ceramic White, no Carbon Blue (like I really wanted). So I want the Note on the 17th as I will be pulling a 15 hour day on the 19th (the open sales day) and will have some good time to play and fiddle around with my awesome new phone.


Yesterday afternoon (the 16th) I go the email saying my phone had shipped, and it gave me a "tracking" number. Well what do you know, the "tracking" number is a USPS (YES, United States Postal Service ie: regular mail), delivery confirmation number. For those of you who do not understand, this number is only good for two things: 1) to see where the package was received for shipment and that it left, and 2) to know when it was actually delivered. NO in transit updates, no information on when it *might* be delivered, nothing else!


Oh, and because I have problems with UPS and Fedex leaving packages away from my house I had the phone sent to the AT&T store. nach, it will be recieved and I will pick it up and have them make sure it is up and working on Friday (today).


As you may be guessing, the phone did not arrive (I could have ordered from Best Buy and got a $50.00 dollar gift card and got it on Sunday (if I wasn't working) or Monday.  NOW, because it is not here today on the PROMISED day, the day I expected it, the day it should have been, I am screwed (dont any moderator edit that!!!) , I can't get this phone now until 1) it finally shows up (ever wait for snail mail ??) or 2) it has been 3 days since the expected delivery date, and Monday is a holiday, and they count business days, soooo, Wednesdayf or Thursday I might get the phone I ordered or the store can declare it lost and give me a replacement, if you know the timeline for the release of this phone you know my PREORDER for two days BEFORE the general release has now gone to 3 or 4 days AFTER the rest of the country can get one.


Really ? I mean it, really, Why do I preorder, you got my money as you charged my card when it shipped (and I can't get that money back and go to Best Buy until the magical 3 days past expected delivery date) and now I am without any options until next week, you have me by the short hairs and I have no recourse. This is the fourth upgrade on my account so all my phones are current, you know I can't pay $1000.00 to terminate my contract and move on to someone who cares more about my business (I know I have only been a customer for 15 or 18 years so I don't really count for much). First phone I have ever preordered and GUARANTEED, it is the last!


I could have gotten my phone on Sunday at Best Buy and just extended my time away from home (after work), or gone in on Monday to Best Buy and upgraded pleasantly (like the last time I did my phone). But I thought (incorrectly) that the corporate store where I did the other 3 upgrades would treat me nice. Ha.


Oh, and since when do you send a $750.00 phone via USPS when it might end up in a publicly accessible mailbox ? Oh, that is right, the delivery confirmation from the postal person would me I *must* have got it and you wouldn't be responsible for the lost item. Good thinking chump.


Can you tell I am getting more frustrated and angry as I tell of my wasted time, I didn't even mention the hour I spent in the store tonight while I watch the salesperson and store manager look at the same information I looked at 2 seconds before I walked in the store and tell me over and over what I already knew walking through the door. Give these people some access and someone's home number.


You can bet your your lack of protocol that I will be looking hard when my commitments are up at your competitors, oh, and we will see how this turns out and how social I feel in sharing my story on other forums (XDA, Facebook, etc).


Hope the store manager is savvy enough to appease a dissatisfied customer appropriately. 


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Re: I just wanted to upgrade to a Galaxy Note on 2/17

Same exact thing happened to me. I am also going to a conference over the weekend and won't be back until Tuesday. After hours of calling to see where my phone was the AT&T manager at my local store said that he could just give me a phone when I get back from Sunday's release and cancel the other one which right now is somewhere between Memphis, Tennessee and San Francisco (where it should have been this Friday).
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