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I guess it is true.


I guess it is true.

 Guess it is trueEven though the HTC One X was already a disappointment without help from AT&T (no micro SD slot), AT&

thoroughly ruined it by DOWNGRADING the processorand chopping the memory in halfWelllooks like they are at itagain

The GS3 was going to be the immaculate alternative that would help save face for AT&TOopsmaybe notAnother watered 

down LTE phone that pales in comparison with it's international doppelgängerI've been waiting for the LG Optimus 4X anyway,

 so I guess it really doesn't matterbut why does AT&T keep doing this to loyal customersI like AT&servicePleaseat 

least give us a choice of devices that aren't diminished by the LTE      curse.  US customers deserve to have devices that are at least on par with Chinese and European (and Asianand Australianand etc.) devices. Give me a choice, and I'll sign that 2 year extension. Right now, it's not gonna happen.  (P.S.. Please spare me the lecture on how the dual core Snapdragon S4 processor is a better chip. It's not.)

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