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I did have great Coverage ... Now I have little to NO for almost a month.


I did have great Coverage ... Now I have little to NO for almost a month.

I have had great service for sometime now.  I can always make and receive calls from home both inside and outside.  Now I am lucky if I can even call from outside.  This happened a couple of months back but then it went away figured it was some kind of maintenance.  Now the lack of service is back and ha been that way for a month.  I have called AT&T several times and they have been working on it.  I even went as far as to go to Apple and get my phone replaced.  I have 4 lines in my house hold and none of them work.  I was told they had a tower issuse but it was fixed.  Got 2 bars of service for 2.5 days and now gone again.  Maybe there needs to be a cell tower replacement since AT&T seems to know of this problem and try to keep fixing the tower but to no avail.


No service for a month and I got a courtesy credit of $25.  I have 3 lines on my account and my father has another line for a total of 4 lines in this house hold.  The rep ask me had I considered a Microcell.  I told her I had discussed that with a previous Rep  when I had called in but I had been provided service in the past and didn't feel that I should have to pay the $150 for something to get my service back when I had always had good service in the past.  Besides the $150 for the Microcell that I would also be footing the bill for the internet service.  Yes I would consider a Microcell to help my service but NOT at my cost.  If AT&T wants to provide me one, I will put it in and even pay the internet cost.  That will be doing my part to help relieve some of the stress on there OVER stressed 3G network until they can get it fixed.


I have been a loyal customer for several years and tell everyone looking for a cell phone provider that AT&T is the best.  Should I start rethinking that statement?

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