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I can send but not receive text messages


I can send but not receive text messages

suddenly i can send texts, but can't receive them.  I went out of town....3 hours from my house to an area i travel to often (never a problem before) and this started happening. I've been home for two days and the problem exists.  I tried turning the phone on and off...nothing.

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Re: I can send but not receive text messages

Check your phone's message center number. It should read +13123149810.

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Re: I can send but not receive text messages

Messagecenter number is only for outgoing. I bet you have a captivate running 2.1-update1 software. If so updateto 2.2 and it'll be fixed
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Re: I can send but not receive text messages

I have a samsung flight 2, had it for about 8 months.

Suddenly I cant receive calls or texts, but I can make them. This has gone on for three days. Calls go straight to my voicemail despite having full service! But I can make calls and send texts just fine.

It also says I have 2 voicemails, when I checked my voicemail i had 4. I deleted them and it still says I have 2 voicemails.  

I took the battery and sim card out for a while, replaced them and turned it on and after waiting overnight nothing has changed. I deleted all my old messages, sent and received.

This started when I got back to new york from maryland.

I want to make sure I do eventually get any texts that I missed during this period, Im waiting on an important text from someone.

I dont want to restore my phone because I will lose pictures and videos that are saved on it, I guess I can text the pictures to my email and type all of my contacts and sweet texts from friends that I have saved into a text file on my comp, but I cant send my videos out of my phone cause theyre too big, dont want to lose them.


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Re: I can send but not receive text messages

I am also having the same problem but with only one person that I can tell. I check the phone number for the message center and it appears to be correct. I have the Samsung SGH-I727.



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