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I am furious at your deceptiveness


I am furious at your deceptiveness

I just cancelled my order for a new HTC One X. I am highly considering cancelling my service. I've read that you (contrary to advertisments from ATT and HTC) are selling the phone with a LOCKED bootloader.


Do you not realize that I own the device, not you? Does that fact escape you?


When I buy a device from you, I don't want you to restrict its capabilities. Other carriers sell this phone as-is from HTC, without locking the bootloader.


Furthermore, HTC provides a bootloader unlocking tool but you have made a deal with them to keep the HTC One X unsupported by that tool.


I cancelled my preorder and I'll give it another 2 weeks before cancelling my service altogether. I'm glad I'm out of contract, it makes switching to Verizon a whole lot simpler than paying an ETF.  Please change your minds. Please unlock the bootloader.

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Re: I am furious at your deceptiveness

this is just completely absurd. UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER! when i pick up the HTC One X tomorrow, you have given me 14 days to return the phone and get my money back. well, im giving YOU 14 days to unlock the bootloader, or you will lose my business entirely. and with the amount i pay you people on a monthly basis, i imagine your business model will be dramatically impacted if i walk. its simple, just unlock the bootloader.

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Re: I am furious at your deceptiveness

How do you really feel?


Do you really think AT&T will conply with your request? 

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Re: I am furious at your deceptiveness

It'll get done officially or unofficially. If you want it unlocked to run custom ROMs then you won't have a problem doing it unofficially when its cracked
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Re: I am furious at your deceptiveness

I was talking with an at&t Mobility employee (at the Corporate Level) about just this issue and while he agreed that it is annoying, he did point out that it is at&t Mobility's right to do whatever they please when it comes to devies sold through their channels.


He went on to say that since at&t Mobility is a GSM provider, I was more than welcome to go out and buy a carrier unbranded HTC ONE X (with an unlockable bootloader) and use that on at&t's network, of course I would be giving up the subsidy provided in exchange for signing a new contract.


I do not really agree with at&t's choice, but as another poster did point out, the bootloader will be unlocked by hook or by crook.





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